Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church of East Petersburg


Skeins & Scones

Our Prayer Shawl Ministry meets once a month—Wednesdays 1:00 p.m. Knitters and "non" knitters are invited to share in prayer time, to create shawls and scarves for persons in hospitals, new members, or for anyone in need of care.

Pastoral Care

Our Pastor is available for conversation about faith and life. Counseling is available for married couples, individuals, or those contemplating marriage.

Pastoral Visitations

Pastor visits are available either in hospitals, home visits, or for spiritual well-being during trying times.

Homebound Communion

Several members are trained as Eucharistic members to serve communion as well as our Pastor—homewood bound or nursing facilities.

Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry is a one-to-one, lay-caring ministry taking place in congregations like ours and enrolled in the Stephen Series system.

Well-trained lay caregivers—called Stephen Ministers—provide high-quality, confidential Christ-centered care to people who are hurting. The support is confidential involving one-on-one contacts that happen weekly for as long as they are deemed helpful. We have six commissioned Stephen Ministers; Ann and Lee Ober serve as our Stephen Leaders. Contact our Pastors or Stephen Leaders with questions or to request a Stephen Minister for high-quality, one-on-one, Christian care to people going through rough times. Meetings are weekly, for about one hour.

Circle of Caring

Our Circle of Caring outreach is dedicated to ensure Christian love and support to all who have special needs or troubling circumstances.

This is accomplished through the assignment of Zion members (known as Primary Care Ambassadors) who maintain contact through regular calls/visits. Ambassador assignments are limited to no more than three relationships; at times, there may be multiple ambassadors supporting the same individual. These ministrations are in addition to those of the Pastor, who is integral to all caring relationships. The Parish Office maintains a log of Circle of Caring assignments and contacts. Privacy is honored, needs are met with a variety of resources—including referrals to community services. The Pastor is integral to all relationships within the Circle of Caring, directing and supporting the effort. Our Stephen Ministry leaders are also available to offer support, especially to the Ambassadors of Caring.

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