Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church of East Petersburg


The Lunch Bunch

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church—East Petersburg—Pennsylvania

Sundays, Come and Join the Zion Lunch Bunch

Pastor Pam wants to get to know everyone. Please consider coming along for the Zion Lunch Bunch on Sundays after the worship service. We will meet in the Narthex welcome area and pick a restaurant. Then, we will enjoy good food and wonderful fellowship together.

Bible Study

We learn more about our faith and friends as we study our biblical interpretations through sharing.

Through study of biblical passage, we examine and discuss the ideas, meanings and words of the text. As an informal gathering filled with open-minded theology, we provide interpretations and histories both modern and old.

Context and comparison form individual interpretations, and how passages apply to present personal circumstances.

Within this safe space, learning is encouraged as we cultivate group relationships to better understand each other and our faith.

Adult Forums

Through experience and sharing, we engage our members in cultural issues as they relate to our faith.

As we develop an open dialogue that shares political and sociological perspectives, we apply our life experiences of faith toward a better understanding of the world around us.

Our Sunday morning forums are centered on community & faith—a celebration of diversity and perspective.


Safety can be further defined by good practices and by thorough research. Our Safety Committee attempts to do just that.

Although a relatively new active committee at Zion, we strive to keep our members and visitors safe. Our chair person has consulted with both the East Hempfield EMS coordinator and Susquehanna EMS (our area provider).

Members have participated in several safety seminars. An assisting committee member is a trained EMS responder. Our committee is divided into three areas of concern: fire safety, first aid and security. A Council Implementation Team instructs and guides our membership as we cope with COVID-19. Recently, more than one dozen committee members have been trained in the use of our on-site AED.

The Safety committee is asking everyone to become familiar with fire protocols.

As part of this important message, we ask you to review a fire extinguisher demonstration on YouTube. Click the play button to view this 30-second video. Thank you.

Video courtesy of Webstaurant Store

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, East Petersburg - Skeins and Scones

Faith through care.

Care is centered on educating, counseling and celebrating faith and life.

We aspire to an expanded ministry with a dedication to Christian love and support for all. From gathering to visiting, and providing faith-based counseling, we have an extensive level of outreach to our congregation.

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, East Petersburg - Youth

Faith in our youth.

Schools, classes and camperships

Sunday School, Confirmation and First Communion classes are featured programs for our youth congregants, as well as, Vacation Bible Schools and Summer Camperships. We have a diverse series of preparedness classes that focus on faith and our future as a unified congregation.

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, East Petersburg

Faith in harmony.

Leading congregation through community and song.

With adult and youth choirs leading the congregation in liturgy, we feature special music programs that encourage our community soul through song.

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